There R Giants Pod-60 with GPT


Everyone’s favorite Giants twitter-related follow @GiantsProspects joins me for a listener requested conversation in which GPT and I talk about some players who we evaluate somewhat differently. It’s a fun conversation where we go back and forth on some guys and, hopefully, learn some things in the process!

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Joey Bart (3:30)
Heliot Ramos (11:00)
Diego Rincones (16:10)
David Villar, Casey Schmitt, and Ismael Munguia (20:20)
Sammy Long (28:50)
Hunter Bishop (33:40)
Eric Silva and Manuel Mercedes (37:10)
Nick Swiney (39:05)
Patrick Bailey vs. Ricardo Genovés (40:30)
Four Relievers: R.J. Dabovich, Cole Waites, Gregory Santos, Randy Rodriguez (45:00)

Intro/Outro: “I’ll Be You” by the Replacements