There R Giants Supplementary Podcast Spectacular!


My friend and fellow podcaster Marc Delucchi takes over hosting duties for a special There R Giants/Sound the Foghorn cross-over podcast spectacular! A few of my fellow Giants prospectors and I dreamed up a special event in the wake of the MLB draft — Brian Recca (SF Draft Talk), Kevin Cunningham (Giant Futures), Marc and his site co-expert Wrenzie Regodon (Around the Foghorn) and myself teamed up to draft our own teams out of the Giants’ farm system. And we forced, ahem, ALLOWED you to listen to it all on this special edition podcast.

Hope you enjoy it, everybody! Please follow all of us on Twitter: Marc (@maddelucchi), Brian (@brian_recca), Kevin (@sfgiantfutures), Wrenzie (@giantprospectiv) and, of course, myself (@rog61) to keep up to date on everything going on around the Giants farm system. And, of course, to get all of my daily writings delivered straight to your Inbox without ads or interruptions, you just need to subscribe!

My team took a decidedly different course than I first anticipated, but I was happy with my ferocious lineup! There’s going to be some Bye, Bye, Baby going on when these Giants come to town.

Intro/Outro: “Deadbeat Club” by the B-52s.