time to bring back the kelbinator!

just kidding. sort of.

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What are your thoughts on the giants organizational strategy primarily using Dubon in CF as opposed to continuing working as a middle-infielder given the depth issues there?

I feel like he exists in this weird space, where there are good OF prospects coming up each of the next few years (if development and baseball go as planned), but there’s questions of which might be able to hold down CF in the spacious SF. So he could be a mainstay in CF for at least a couple years.

Then there’s the middle infield, which I hadn’t realized was quite THAT barren as you demonstrated with the lack of SS depth. With only Wilson and Luciano if he stays there, the only apparent prospects who might be coming up who can play there.

I have to wonder about the IF plans, if they’re banking on signing one of the FA shortstops next year? Otherwise, with the possible departure of Brandon Crawford, Dubon would be the only player currently on the roster who could play SS next year.

Any thoughts on prognosticating the Giants’ SS and CF the next few years given the questions there?

P.S. Apologies to Ryan Howard for not asking a Ryan Howard related question. I hope you breakout and make all my musings moot.

P.P.S. Apologies to Roger for the long comment, the Giants’ SS plans have had me scratching my head for some time.

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